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Why Is Aracari Planting Trees?

As you may have noticed, my inspiration comes from the natural world, a world that would not exist if it were not for the forests and the diverse plant, animal and insect life that flourishes beneath its canopies. I believe in making a positive impact on all living forms on our beautiful earth so that it all still exists for generations to come, giving them the chance to be in awe of its beauty; as I am.

That’s why I’m committed to ensuring that all my products are eco-friendly, from FSC-approved materials to biodegradable or reusable packaging. However, I’m aware that deliveries of my products will cause Co2 emissions. To offset this, I’m planting a tree for every purchase made. It’s a way for me to give back and reduce my carbon footprint. Additionally, my website is designed to offset its Co2 emissions with the support of Tree Nation.

How Can Planting Trees Help?

The importance of trees in maintaining healthy ecosystems cannot be overstated, and their destruction through deforestation can bring about severe consequences. The impact of deforestation is not limited to the loss of biodiversity but extends to human communities as well. It results in pollution, species extinction, floods, desertification, food scarcity, poverty, and displacement. However, the good news is that we can address and reverse the impact by taking affirmative action.

By planting trees, we can:

a cloud with CO2 written inside

 Combat pollution

Trees absorb carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxide, which are significant contributors to air pollution. In turn, they release oxygen, making the air cleaner and healthier for all living things.

a green frog sitting on a leave with mushrooms in the background

Preserve biodiversity

Planting trees supports wildlife habitats and creates a conducive ecosystem that sustains many species.


Prevent soil erosion and floods

Trees help anchor the soil, preventing it from washing away in heavy rains. As a result, soil erosion and floods are significantly reduced, and groundwater-levels are recharged.

dry trees in a bone dry desert

Fight desertification

Trees can help combat desertification by providing shade, conserving water, and supporting soil fertility.

Alleviate food shortage

Trees such as fruit and nut trees, can provide food and a source of income for local communities.

Why Tree Nation?

Aracari has partnered with Tree Nation whose focus is on reforestation and the reduction of the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth.

Tree-Nation is the reforestation platform which gathers together in one place the largest number of tree planting projects around the world. In every project, the species are carefully selected according to the specific benefits they bring for the environment and to the local population. Each tree planted on the Tree-Nation platform is assigned its own unique URL, which means the species, the location, the plantation project information and the CO2 compensation values can be tracked throughout the lifetime of the tree.

How does it work?

Every time you purchase a product from Aracari, a tree will be planted in your name! It’s as easy as that!

So if you’ve made a purchase or are thinking of making a purchase at Aracari, fantastic! After you’ve placed your order you will first receive a confirmation email from us about your order, with a receipt of your purchase. You will also receive a separate email with the title ‘Aracari offered you a tree on Tree-Nation.’ For every purchased item at our shop, we will plant 1 tree (example: 2 prints = 2 trees). If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your junk inbox.

Collectively, we have the power to make a significant difference in preserving our planet, and even the smallest actions count.

Come and join me in this crucial mission to preserve our beloved planet, which we all proudly call home!