Art Print – Blue frog


Fine art prints featuring small sections taken from watercolour painting “Abundance”, by Scottish artist Barbara Inglis.



Art prints featuring small sections taken from watercolour painting “A Bright Future”, by Scottish artist Barbara Inglis.
These smaller painting would make a wonderful gift for a loved one or why not make an art wall by combining different ones together.

This painting encompasses a wide range of natural elements that have been purposely chosen for their symbolic meanings. Each print comes with a leaflet that displays the symbolism of each element to help you create positive connections. It can be displayed next to your print as a reference until you have memorised them. By spending time contemplating how each symbolic meaning aligns with your personal life, and feeling the emotions of obtaining your interpretation, you can create new neural pathways in your brain that instantly invoke those sensations and belief whenever you observe the artwork.

To enhance the process, you can create positive affirmations based on each symbolic meaning. If you’re interested in knowing more about creating affirmations, please refer to the ‘How to create affirmations’ section under the ‘Useful Information’ tab in the menu.

Print size 22cm x 22cm with a white border of 1.5cm

Printed with high chroma inks on Fedrigoni Old Mill Bianco paper. FSCĀ® certified.

Prints are hand signed by the artist.

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